Thursday, 28 April 2016

Communication Skills Of A Good Leader

Every employee has a story of working with someone who was just a poor communicator. I have my own story too. The person I worked under was, by all polite standards, a mystery. He wasn’t clear about his expectations, his feedback (whether positive or negative) was always vague and his instructions were very arbitrary to say the least. Simply put, he had terrible communication skills. This caused problems in many areas of his job – poor relationships with his subordinates, lack of camaraderie with his peers and animosity with his superiors. Surprisingly his job with the company somehow lasted longer than it should have. Truth eventually won the battle and he was terminated. But his departure left such a huge ‘crater’ of confusion that the entire company revamped its method, mode and policy for communication across the board. In the aftermath, the new communication policy was much clearer than before!

So what type of communication skills should a good leader have? What makes a good communicator? Leaders carry a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders with respect to their job responsibilities, manage production output and quality service, marshalling his or her personnel and resources and all the while keeping the whole process within the satisfactory limits of the company’s watchful gaze. 

Lets look at a few aspects of good communication that a leader should keep in mind: 

  1. Leaders with good communication skills must make sure to be very clear about their goals, expectations and vision. 
  2. They must give clear and consistent feedback through the whole process of execution so that the required demands of performance or quality are adhered to with minimum margin of error.
  3. They communicate any progress or deficiency clearly to higher levels of authority so appropriate decisions can be made accordance with the needs.
  4. Lastly, regardless of how the job plays out, they make sure to give ample motivation and inspiration to the team on a job done with excellence, inspiring a spirit of perfection for the next project.
Communication Skills Training is a vital component of enhancing correspondence within the organization regardless of their size or business. Such training programs equip the people that matter with the skills that matter even more. 

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