Monday 12 January 2015

3 Traits of an Inspirational Leader

Leaders come in all styles and frames, through different eras in history and accomplish objectives differently. But they all had one thing in common – they made a difference; one that was profound enough to garner a loyal gathering that still revered them long after their passing. Today’s leaders are a different breed – entering a world teeming with technology and conveniences that leaders of the yesteryears never possessed. While modern leadership programs and Ivy league schools can equip a candidate with some rudimentary skills necessary to lead, there are certain intangible aspects to being a good leader that can never be taught. And one of those is to be an inspirational leader

In this blog we will examine three such aspects that executive leadership courses never teach:

Facing down challenges

At Steve Jobs’ memorial in 2011, Apple’s design guru gave a heart-warming eulogy that spoke of Steve’s remarkable tenacity and determination. He talked about the hours of work that was spent trying to accomplish that which was deemed impossible; the defeat of cynicism, the rejection of reason and being told a hundred times that something could never be done. Perseverance against the odds is a trait of executive leadership that is highly admired.

Driven by passion

The trait most appealing of inspirational leaders is their passion. Sociologists in a recent study of employees were pleasantly surprised to find out that over 80% of employees polled said they would rather work under an angry boss than a stupid one. Sometimes passionate leadership can sting and seem overwhelming. But there is something subconsciously attractive about an indomitable spirit.

Authentically wired

Leaders, by virtue of being on the front lines, face the most heat in terms of questions and criticisms. Many succumb to the pressure of people’s opinions and expectations and allow popular rhetoric to dominate their decisions. Real leaders persevere in their path regardless of the opposition. Real leaders don’t feel the pressure of needing to comply with the forces of tradition or be suppressed by the system or institution. And in the end it is those qualities of a leader that set them apart from the rest and blazes a new trail untouched by others.

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