Monday, 12 January 2015

Communication Skills That Enhances Customer Service

India is a nation of incredible resources and services. With a booming economy driven by a largely growing middle class in a population of over a billion, India is cruising down the super-highway of industrial and economic growth. Having lived in India for over 15 years, I got to see this first hand. But there is also a side to this that is not as encouraging. While companies are driving the economy and people are spending more on their needs, sometimes going about those needs are not a pleasant affair. Within the realm of business communication, India has miles to go when it comes to customer service. And within the specific area of customer service, even further to go in good communication skills.

I’ve lived the last couple of years in the United States. While businesses and services are handled extremely professionally, the biggest difference when compared against India, was the incredible customer service that was offered. The old adage, ‘the customer is king’ is truly believed and practiced here. But it is the communication skills that make all the difference. When signing up for a product or service, information or instructions are given clearly so as not to be vague or ambiguous at all. If customers still have questions, web and phone services are available that make life a lot easier. If a customer decides to visit an actual store or location, he or she is treated with respect, communicated to politely and helped out to the maximum. If there happens to be a problem later, trouble-shooting or complaints are heard with sympathy, assurances are made that are taken care of as promised or until the customer is satisfied. Communication skills training are of the highest priority.

This is not necessarily the case in India. Often the customer has to deal with inadequate information further compounded by inconsistent or incompetent web or phone assistance. Customers are often treated as an unavoidable obligation and the attitude shows. Customer service is at its lowest point when having to deal with problems or complaints as the communication from the business end sometimes lacks empathy or understanding for the plight of the customer. With a growing customer base and ever increasing market economy, India would do well to take good strides in improve communication skills. If communication in customer service is cleaned up, there is no doubt that India will be one of best places for progress and growth, for other industries to contend with.

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