Monday, 12 January 2015

3 Fundamentals Of Professional Etiquette

People are complex and as a result, often their behaviors and tendencies can be just as complex to say the least. People inadvertently commit fallacies or behaviors that are uncalled for. Often poor business etiquette can leave a lasting and bad impression, especially if that person is the customer, prompting a sense of resentment and bitterness toward the particular business or service. Good business on the other hand can be refreshing and greatly appreciated. 

In this article we will look at three aspects of good professional etiquette:

 Articulate While one’s gestures and external behaviors can often be deceiving, the very words that come out of a person’s mouth can often speak volumes about the temperament or character of the speaker. People who don’t use polite verbiage can come across as rude and uncivil. Polite language like, “please” and “thank you” go a long ways in communicating good first impressions. Rude language and unprofessional comments on the other hand strongly display rude behavior, lack of manners and an ignorance of mutual respect and courtesy for those interacting with them.  

Appearance An individual’s personal appearance also speaks volumes about their own attitudes towards professionalism and courtesy toward others. This person’s attire is also descriptive of his or her desire to look well-groomed and also intangible qualities like attention to detail. It shows exemplary care toward hygiene, grooming, wardrobe and an overall care for one’s own professional appearance. Not only does the proper business attire evoke a sense of professionalism but it also evokes respect from those he or she interacts with, earning a healthy dose of dignity and being taken seriously. 

Punctuality Being on time speaks also says a lot about how much respect a person may (or may not) have for himself or for his fellow employees. It displays a sense of obligation to duty, a respect for oneself but primarily an appreciation and respect for other people’s time and duties as well. Consistent lateness shows a lack of respect for others who did display proper business etiquette to be there on time but who unfortunately ended up waiting at their own expense for one person’s tardiness.  

Business Etiquette Training programs are offered by companies to help equip their employees with the right tools and resources to help develop and maintain a professional demeanor but also practice minimal standards of professional communication.

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