Monday, 12 January 2015

5 Things Successful Leaders Do

Leadership is a weighty role and those who have been or are currently in it understand the burden of responsibility they carry on their shoulders. Leadership skills have multi-dimensional faculties to it and its nuances are as diverse as the personalities of leaders themselves. The really successful leaders however do certain things and do it consistently. It is this conviction and persistence that makes them good at what they do.

 Here we will look at five aspects that make successful leaders who they are:

Communicating Expectations

Good leaders are clear in their expectations of their employees. They avoid vague and arbitrary directives and balance the line well between communicating exactly what they need and ‘spoon-feeding’ the subordinate to achieve it. This makes it easy for the team to focus and stay on track because they know what criteria or parameters need to be satisfied.

Pushing for Growth

Intuitive leaders know that what is more important than getting things done through people is the people themselves becoming better at who they are. These leaders are quick to recognize hidden skills and talents and create opportunities for these to blossom. Good leaders don’t allow their team to get into a comfortable and complacent spot.

Creating Accountability

Leaders understand the need for creating an atmosphere of accountability amongst each other. They encourage every member of the team to be independent and interdependent without being co-dependent on each other. This fosters a sense of responsibility but also fosters camaraderie within the team which helps to keep each other sharp an on their toes.

Knowing the pulse of the team

Leaders understand that monitoring the progress or growth of an individual or team is crucial to knowing the health and morale of the team. Good leaders don’t shy away from identifying problematic areas but are also quick to point out compliments for good work.

Ask for feedback

Good leaders realize that every member of the team is a contributing member and may have something valuable to offer for the greater good of the team. These leaders don’t pretend to know all the answers and make sure to ask their subordinates of helpful ideas or opinions.

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